Friday, October 28, 2016

Holly and Yew

This week the girls are using Dreamweaver Metallic F/x this is a very high quality Mica powder in a stunning range of colours. The pot contains nothing but high quality mica pigment, no fillers!
Today we have a card from Jane the Flower Girl, this technique really intrigued me
Jane has used her Yew and Holly Clear Magic stamp, she has stamped it and embossed it in white.
Then she has added the magic ingredient and the Metallic f/x...

Jane's photograph (while I love the card, doesn't do justice to her technique so I had to have a go....
so Jane's magic ingredient is Hand Sanitiser! put out a small blob and the add your Metallic f/x
it looks great as you mix it up.
I have stamped and embossed these Stampendous Delicate Snowflakes in white on black card
then painted on the mixture
the card will curve, but because the sanitiser is mainly alcohol which evaporates very quickly the card will dry quickly.
polish off the excise and the embossing powder acts as a resist and it wipes away.
I think that I was a bit heavy with the Metallic f/x but I think that it looks great.
 I hope that you like Jane's technique as much as I do!

If you can't find Woodware stamps in the US why not ask your local store about them they can find them all on the Woodware web-site.
 or  Woodware Stamps are available from Notions Marketing in the US check with them for your nearest stockist.   

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