Friday, December 25, 2015

Woodware Spring 2016 is almost here.... - day 5


Over the holiday season while we all put our feet up and eat cake I am going to share with you some of the new Woodware Clear Magic stamps that will be hitting your shops from the beginning of January 2016. They have been designed by Francoise Read and Jane Gill.
Francoise has made the samples for her collection with the help of Lesley Blamire, who teaches at the Paper Warehouse in Kendal
What better for Christmas day than a star to guide you, and I am sure that all around the world we have unsung stars making the world a happier place. Francoise has created a wonderful Graffiti Super Star stamp FRS609.
I hope that you all have something to say thank you for today Graffiti Thank You FRS610 is a very useful addition to the Francoise Collection
Don't forget the stamps will be in the shops from the first week in January 2016.
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If you can't find Woodware stamps why not ask your local store about them they can find them all on the Woodware web-site.

 or  Woodware Stamps are available from Notions Marketing in the US check with them for your nearest stockist.   

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